How To Watch The Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony Live

Great news, everyone. You no longer have to wait up to 13 hours (we see you, Hawai'i!) to watch the Olympic Winter Games closing ceremony in the United States. NBC is offering a stream starting at 11:00 EST. If your television provider doesn't play nice with Comcast, though, you might need some other options. For… »2/24/14 4:16am2/24/14 4:16am

Twelve quotes from authors to remember when starting your first book

When working on your first book, you're faced with an extremely daunting task. Regardless of whatever training or practice you've had in the past, it's still your first novel. At times it will be a highly enjoyable venture, but much of it will be excruciating. There are moments where you might want to throw in the… »1/16/14 12:50am1/16/14 12:50am

Why anti-vaxxers might be creating a world of more dangerous viruses

In science fiction, we see all kinds of nightmare viruses that evolve immunity to vaccinations. The scary part? It could actually happen in real life, especially if anti-vaxxers encourage people not to get vaccinated. Populations with pockets of non-vaccinators are more likely to evolve vaccine-resistant viruses… »1/02/14 12:32am1/02/14 12:32am

The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year

A bit of planning can save you a ton of money when it comes to buying throughout the year. Here's your comprehensive, always up-to-date guide on the best times to buy everything this year. »1/01/14 8:39pm1/01/14 8:39pm

12 Monty Python Side Projects, Ranked from Worst to Best

We've just learned that Simon Pegg will star in Absolutely Anything, a brand new film that reunites the surviving Monty Python castmembers. But how will this movie stack up to the canon of Monty Python spinoffs? Here are 12 Python side projects, ranked in order of greatness. »12/25/13 5:03am12/25/13 5:03am

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What a Habitable Planet Twice the Size of Earth Would Be Like

To date, astronomers have catalogued over 1,000 exoplanets — some of them rocky and parked within their host star's habitable zone. But a good portion of these planets are bigger than Earth, prompting us to ask: What would it actually be like on a habitable planet twice the size of ours? »12/04/13 8:09pm12/04/13 8:09pm

12 Real Life Inventions That Science Fiction is Neglecting at its Peril

Science fiction has always commented on the present, and today's present is very science-fictional. All around, we see inventions that could transform the world within a decade or two. So why don't more science fiction writers speculate about them? Here are 12 real-life developments science fiction should be… »12/03/13 8:51pm12/03/13 8:51pm